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Age is not a bar for potentially good professionals

Age is not a bar for potentially good professionals

There is a perception or myth that the older group of professionals will not get hired by companies as there is a stiff competition from the younger applicants. But the reality is that no company can turn down a potentially good professionals or candidate just because he/she has crossed 40 years age margin.

For all the older professionals out there, you just need to do a ground work and research on your area of strength. This will lead you to the right place and job that you were anticipating for. You need to figure out the areas where you can make further improvement and what are the factors that inspire you to do better work. You need to analyze which are the spheres of the work interests you and what are you financial needs. The work-life balance is also an important aspect and figuring out your flexibility quotient matters. It includes your choice of work, the duration of time that you are spending at your work place and the time that is getting spent while traveling, etc.

Look out for job openings at a job centre, online job portals, directly communicate with the HR, newspapers, etc. You will defiantly find ample opportunities that would match your profile and expectations. Prepare your CV following right information with minimal words. A clean and informative CV can be a defining factor between the job offer and rejection. Updating your skills is very important as that would help you to compete with your younger applicants.

Meanwhile as you apply for jobs, you can always choose to take up interesting professional courses to polish your existing skills and gain more knowledge. For example, technical training to get updated with the new age methods that are implemented vastly in the market. It is any way never too late to learn.


Focus on your ability and achievements. As an experienced professional, your list of achievements will be more than the younger lot. Give emphasis on your teamwork and the number of people who had worked under you as a team. Talk about your diplomacy skill, designing project in a tight budget, and effective communication that you possess. All these features explain your work handling ability under pressure that gets refined with experience and age. Preparation time is a key factor before you head to attend interviews. Prove that you have the enthusiasm and determination to go further and succeed, irrespective of your age.

It is also important to keep your network open as your valuable contacts can help you to get you better jobs. It is about creating the right connection that you have over the period of time. Look smart and professional and do not shy away from a role that demands more from you at a lesser pay. You can always climb the ladder in any organization with your hard work, disciple, and dedication and prove to be at better designation.

Finally, never forget to have a positive outlook. Keep up your steady work for any organization that you join. The study tells that professionals between the age group of 46-64 take less sick leaves. So now we can clearly state that age can never be a restriction when it comes to be ambitious and make a difference at your work zone.