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Android the game changer

Android the game changer

The age of smart phones brought with it a humongous amount of useful applications and a whole range of games which had the users hooked and craving for more. Android is a leader in the mobile and tablets genre in the entire world. Android came into the market in 2008, when the only present OS which was widely used was Symbian. Purchased by Google in 2005, the uproar that android has caused in the market is nothing less of phenomenal. It paved the way for Google to enter the mobile/smart phone market which has taken the world by storm.
New data found that apple’s global market share slid to 13.2% from 16.6%, meanwhile android’s global market share jumped to 79.3% from 69% last year, thus indicating the clear winner in terms of market share and popularity.
The signs are particularly ominous for once market leader Blackberry, devices running its software accounted for just 2.9% of the market share compared to 4.9% last year.

The situation in the current market looks grim for windows phone and blackberry both, while iphone hanging around with a very nominal hike, Android is undoubtedly the king. As the most popular mobile OS on the planet, Android offers an unprecedented range of handsets at all cost denominations. There is an android to suit every wallet. You can find every app possible on the Google play store and have many options to acquire music via numerous applications. Android offers a level of customization to both the end user and the hardware manufacturer, hence not all android devices stay the same. It leaves room for more creativity and flexibility.

Due to the popularity of android there are many third party devices and accessories which are compatible with the device running on this OS. An android device creates an amazing experience not only for the user but also for the hardware and applications designer who enjoy adding their own touch to the technology.

Android is given free to the handset makers by Google, whose strategy is to make money on advertisements associated with mobile devices. It has powered the devices of the smart phone giant Samsung for a long time and is also responsible for the growing popularity of Samsung devices in the world. Along with Samsung, many other companies are using android as their primary OS in powering smart phones of various price denominations .Some companies who use android are HTC, LG , Lenovo, Huawei, ZTE, Micromax and many more.

During the third quarter of 2012, Android worldwide smart phone market share was 75% with 750 million active devices and 1.5million activation daily. With its increase in market share and worldwide success, android has given the Technology sector a huge boom, with a huge demand for people equipped with the knowledge of android and java, capable of creating new and innovative apps, with this demand a lot many technology enthusiasts are entering the developers market to develop apps and games for the Google play store.