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Break the clutter of traditional corporate management to experience better work performance

Break the clutter of traditional corporate management to experience better work performance

The first and foremost thing that gets hampered by traditional management is the performance process of the employees. There has been statistics that tells about the employee dissatisfaction of high level. Mostly related to lack of career growth and appreciation which they feel are not getting recognized. And this leads to lack of interest, commitment, and motivation among the employees.

Where the traditional method is going wrong?

The major criticism revolves around the employee performance review and merit pay matrix for every year. Many companies create a specific set of goals at the start of each year and review at the end which enables the companies to rate the employees’ performance. One has to remember here that as an organization’s strategic goals gets changed, the working process of the employees must change as well otherwise the entire management can lose its pace and fall apart.

Static process of setting goals and reviewing them does not really work in today’s corporate world. The old way of analyzing the performance sheet is getting outdated and the focus is on creating flexible, easy to understand, and transparent system. There should be continuous performance feedback and recognition throughout the year. The large scale organizations have started to implement big data analytics to streamline their work process.

Every company should follow some of the simple methods to keep a balance of work and performance of the employees. For example, continuous performance tracking instead of setting goals once a year and reviewing them is more helpful. Frequent and regular reviews should be done to keep the work track perfect. Personalized social recognition boosts the spirit of the employees. There are some advanced softwares that can provide a social platform to get recognized from the social medium and smart phones through fellow colleagues.