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How Continuous Integration And Automation Testing Are Linked

How Continuous Integration And Automation Testing Are Linked

Continuous integration is a process used by software companies, where coders submit their work into a repository at frequent intervals. The cumulative work of a team is collected in a drive or a file, where it is scrutinized before getting sent out to the client.

CI (Continuous Integration) is mainly practised to eliminate integration problems, which coders know as integration hell. “The Booch Method” was introduced by Grady Booch in his 1991 book “Object Oriented Analysis and Design.”

Each entry submitted by a coder is automatically tested for errors. This helps coders locate bugs easily, saving time otherwise spent backtracking. In a nutshell, CI was introduced mainly to ensure that errors are detected—and solved—quickly. 

The Early Detection Of Errors

Before continuous integration, coders wasted precious time looking for errors to fix; the huge gaps between integrations meant that the time taken for finding errors was relatively higher than it is now.

As a coder, your worst nightmare is when your code fails in the final stages. Imagine many months of coding ruined by one bug; this usually leads to an avalanche of bugs—every coder’s personal hell on earth! This sticky situation can be completely dodged using continuous integration, though. This method checks for errors at every step, and not just right before automation testing. Also, you’ll be aware of the changes and fixes as and when they are made by the dev team.

Automation Testing

Continuous integration employs automated testing because of the millions of entries made every day; this whopping number makes it impossible for coders to look for errors manually. Automated testing steps in here and makes things easier. It also reduces the time was taken to churn out work and increases the frequency of product creation.

Software testing is an important tool that helps coders and developers fix errors and make timely changes. Companies like Volantis Technologies Pvt. Ltd. help clients keep a tab on QA (Quality Assurance) by providing convenient software testing tools.