Volantis takes environmental consciousness as an integral part of doing business.

Social Responsibility

We believe that being socially responsible means people and organisations being ethical and sensitive towards social, cultural, environmental, and socio-economic issues. We try to undertake social responsibility and adopt positive initiatives to contribute towards our society. This effort is focused on making a positive contribution to the part of the community which requires support on health, education, and socio-economic front to enable them to lead better, healthier, and happier lives.

At Volantis, we strive to fulfill all our environmental and social obligations towards being responsible global citizens. We have been working on various initiatives to support under-privileged children, adoption of children and children with blindness requiring special needs.

Volantis has participated as corporate sponsor for save my Tree initiative taken by the Rotary and horticulture department where 10,000 schools students will have the trees which will be in Guinness book of world record also this is a part of CSR initiative



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