Lunch your e-commerce portal with visually stunning and user-friendly features


e-commerceDo you want to open a store of your own? It is easy!

Partner with us and instantly get acquainted with various aspects which will make up your shop. We will introduce you to a dedicated team of engineers who will help you build, launch, and promote your store.

Let us walk you through the processes of launching your store;

Design and Layout

You can choose from the variety of templates available or get a completely customised design. Create a site which will impress your customers not only visually but also with its user-friendly features. We ensure that you site feature mini-carts on all your pages, custom content pages, template editor, less screen refreshes, and visual language variable editor.

Managing your products

Add products to your store under different categories to make it completely accessible. You can add high resolution images, videos, product description, pricing, etc. for each of your product. We also include product lists, cross selling options, and pop-up images of your products.

Accepting payments

Set up multiple payment gateways and provide your customers with multiple payment options. You can also list different offline payment options such as checks, purchase orders, etc.

Create and Manage your Website

We provide you with options which give you the freedom for managing content of your entire website and also enable you to configure every single aspect of your e-commerce website. To make the management options further flexible we provide you with the features to change content constantly, add multiple products and categories, create ads and banners, regulate access, collect statistical data, and SMS notifications.

Customer care and localization

Make your store customer-friendly by including features like printable invoices, product and feature comparison options, special pricing for repeat customers and membership options, site search, and also a high-level security system for customer information security.

You can customise your website according to different locations by adding multiple language options, switching time and dates formats, and help shoppers visualise product pricing in local currency.

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