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Enterprise Applications And Their Influence On The Corporate World

Enterprise Applications And Their Influence On The Corporate World

An enterprise application (EA) is a software platform that has been designed to facilitate work in a corporate environment. EAs help in bridging the gap between different software programs by enabling data to flow from one program to the other. They consist of shared business applications and model utility programs with different functionalities. Enterprise apps are developed by making use of enterprise architecture.

Some of the services of EA software include payment processing, computerised billing systems, content management, human resource management, business intelligence, resource planning, sales force automation, application integration, and business process management.

Why Enterprise Application Integration?
Enterprise application development can be really beneficial to your company as it helps in the following ways:
● It enables information sharing between different software programs and can consolidate your company’s data collection efforts, thereby creating a single point of access to data for people who work with it. EA ensures smoother collaboration between people and departments
● It streamlines processes which include activities or data from multiple software programs.
● With EA, you can easily integrate any new technology or application into your existing system and control everything from one user-friendly interface
● With EA, you can easily adjust to, and address, changing market forces

Enterprise Application – The Future Of All Organisational Needs

The current market for the enterprise application is booming, and the compound annual growth rate for 2014 – 2019 is projected to be 13.4%. Gartner predicts that the demand for enterprise mobile application in this period is going to overtake development capacity five to one.

In most organisations, each employee uses an average of three devices daily, and this is likely to increase to five or six in the future. Many companies allow their employees to choose the apps, devices, and even the processes they are comfortable working with, thereby increasing the pressure on IT to develop more apps in shorter spans of time.

Hybrid Cloud – The Future Of Enterprise Application Architecture

The market for hybrid cloud is likely to increase to $85 million by 2019 from $25 million in 2014. Most CIOs would definitely consider shifting to hybrid cloud solutions from enterprise application integration in an effort to reduce costs and complexity.

It is important that organisations look for solutions which work seamlessly with their system complementing their in-house solutions. This would help expand the organisation’s efficacy using a tried-and-tested solution.