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It’s Springtime For E-commerce App Development

It’s Springtime For E-commerce App Development

Java has undoubtedly been the leading platform for building applications. While its single tier frameworks have been already classified as traditional, the Spring framework is a simpler yet powerful Java framework.

Since its launch in 2003, Spring has proved to be a successful framework for e-commerce application development. It’s a set of commands and collection models, and simplifies the development and performance of applications based on Java.

Technology changes every day, so you may wonder why we continue to use Spring when many other prominent platforms are taking the world by storm. Here’s your answer-

Lean And Crisp Structure

With Spring, you don’t have to worry about size as it’s a lightweight framework. Its basic version measures only around 1 MB.

It provides you with an intra-functional boiler plate coding, leaving a few windows for the app developer to create and tweak. As a developer, it simplifies your work to a large extent.

Don’t Call Me, I’ll Call You Back

Inversion of control (IOC) makes Spring a unique platform. It works on the Hollywood principle of “Don’t call me, I’ll call you back”. This design paradigm gives independence to the targeted modules, allowing them to run their own application without depending on other objects.

IOC gives you better control over the flow of the programme with little constraint on the objects.

Giving Importance To Aspects

Spring is based on aspect-oriented programming (AOP), which unlike procedural or object-oriented programming, focuses on aspects of the system. AOP not only allows you to create a real-time app, but also gives importance to other issues like transaction management and logging failures.

The AOP helps you develop cross-cutting codes on the flexible Spring platform.

These outstanding features, along with frequent updates when there is an upgrade in technology, makes Spring a consistent and popular choice when it comes to developing an e-commerce application.