We help you with interactive and dynamic mobility solutions for all kinds of operating systems pertaining to the mobile applications.


mobilityWe offer solutions to start-ups, SMBs (small medium business) and enterprises that provide end-to-end enterprise mobility solution. This includes native applications development, web-based applications development, and web design solution such as responsive web design. And you also receive services of package deployment, integration, support and maintenance.

The advance of smartphones and wide usage of the same has provided immense possibilities in improving the way you conduct business. You can improve the efficiency of your employees, reach out to your customers, and partners by using various customised mobile software. Creating and implementing mobile business processes with technologies such as cloud, analytics, and also location aware tools has the potential to positively change the working of a particular company.

We offer various mobility-based services and they are as follows:


We assess your past initiatives and present requirements and then provide you with recommendations which are best suited for you to improve the way you conduct your business.


We can improve your present mobile application or create an entirely new application based on your requirement. Volantis provides you with solutions for all kinds of mobile OS including Windows, Android, Symbian, iPhone/ iPad, and Blackberry.

Cross Platform App Development

With this service Volantis provides you with a way to run the same application on all types of mobile devices.


An end-to-end application testing can prevent mishaps in the future. Our testing services help you to check the functionality, operation, automation, and performance of your mobile applications.

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