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Return of enterprise mobility solution for your industry

Return of enterprise mobility solution for your industry

Mobility is transforming business and industries across the world. Enterprise mobility tries to improve the interaction between clients, processes, and products. At Volantis, we offer enterprise mobility solutions that are designed for your specific industry challenges. Deployment of enterprise mobile applications can support the line-of-business activities.

Communication, financial services, healthcare, food industry, entertainment, etc. are some of the major sectors to use enterprise mobility. Rapid evolution is creating growth opportunities in most businesses. It is about taking considerable steps to combine technology and operations in order to provide positive results. This enhances the business processes and improves the performance, bringing greater ROI. The correct way of measuring ROI of a product/service is calculated by dividing the return (net profit) with the resources that were invested. However, the ROI of an enterprise mobile application and the method that you follow to measure its success can be a little tricky to calculate.

Read on to understand the step-by-step approach to accurately calculate the ROI of mobile business applications:

Define ROI Values

The first step to correctly measure the ROI of your enterprise mobile application is to classify measurable key performance indicators that match with your company’s strategy.

You need to figure out what are the businesses challenges that you can solve with a mobile app, what are the goals of your application, and do you want to provide a better system for the field team or improve the productivity level of the employees.

The performance indicators will vary depending on your industry and department.

Some of the more common KPIs for enterprise mobile applications are given below:

Less paperwork to complete the complicated work

Increase in sales and the revenue

Quick response times for field workers

Evaluate & Calculate

Once you have figured out the company’s goals and developed measurable KPIs, you need to calculate the collected data. After gathering all necessary components, you can start to do the ROI calculation (irrespective of their calculable nature).

Weigh your KPIs against your mobile application costs and consider the importance of its qualitative benefits. You would witness that the ROI number will be figured out automatically.

Enterprise mobility solutions empower clients to envision and acquire benefits. It drives real outcomes and results. At Volantis, we work with the clients to transform their workforce by applying various capabilities and assets that include mobility focused tools, System integration, and deployment, outsourcing of scheduling, etc. Not to forget the sales force as it can perform critical sales functions that include accessing product information, placement of orders, updating sales information etc.

This is the way as to how new technologies transform the approach companies and organizations can observe and manage their own performance. It accelerates their actions and develops the overall performance of the enterprise.