Incorporate EAI to connect with multiple sections of your operation

Enterprise Application Integration

Expanding boundaries and venturing into different business areas are inevitable ways to achieve success for any business. Every aspect of your business requires usage of new technologies, various applications, and tools. The proper functionality of any business process is only possible if there is efficient inter-application communication. Revamping your business process and establishing integration of applications from different spheres of your business can build effective communication and smooth operation.

To reduce the complexity in large organisations Volantis provides EAI solutions which help you to integrate different layers of multiple applications into a single operational enterprise system. We have developed methodologies to bring about flexibility and modify different aspects of your business or reuse available application codes and data systems to implement the automated processing through workflow systems.

Our integrated platform ensures compatibility between all kinds of databases. It also provides options for our customers to track and gauge the effectiveness of various business operations. Real-time information co-ordination is enabled to help in the decision making process at various levels and in customer management.

Our EAI Services include:

  • Enterprise application integration and connectivity
  • Application modification and modernisation
  • Organisational asset management
  • Implementation of effective cross-talk between various systems and databases


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