Effective and integrated IT solutions

Professional Services

Information technology can be complicated to implement. At Volantis we understand this, hence partner with you to help you with effective solutions. By incorporating our services in your business you can accelerate IT solution and minimise collateral risks. Our professional services empower you to implement and manage your IT requirements. Our professional services include the following aspects:

  • Manage your complex IT network effectively
  • Solve your IT challenges by integrating custom IT solutions
  • In-house end-to-end IT solution including assessment, planning, implementation, testing, and management


Human Capital Management Model

  • Recruitment Lifecycle Management: All parameters of end-to-end hiring process, performance mapping, hierarchy analysis, succession planning etc. are reviewed and appropriate suggestions and advice are given at different stages of recruitment.
  • Hiring Planning and Analysis: Hiring, Planning, and Analysis: Understand the project, the turn-around time, and team-composition, hiring complexities, recruitment time required, and the overall costing.
  • Compensation Analysis: Various compensation benefits are designed benefitting the resources keeping performance, target, costing, skills, experience etc. to ensure project viability and ramp up.
  • Deployment Analysis: Complete analyses of utilisation of the resources, hourly rate, incentives, bonuses, billable rates, remuneration, absenteeism, attrition, etc. are done for hassle-free project implementation.
  • Productivity Mapping: Analysis of the hourly, daily, weekly, monthly productivity are done with the support of the project team of the client to ensure improved output.
  • Analytics: Submitting comprehensive and detailed data of the entire process to the client.


Onsite Consulting and Engagement

Volantis’ business model for onsite consulting and professional services is built on strategic partnerships with our clients. It primarily focuses on becoming the supplier of professionals in filling single positions to deploy large teams for clients.

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Talent Management Services

Volantis provides flexible contingent workforce management services with a commitment to identify and depute the best professionals to our clients. With our global recruiting processes we provide highly competent resources.

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Managed Services

Volantis provides a comprehensive engagement program that helps to centralise and streamline all staffing activities with benefits of faster delivery of candidates, improved quality of resources, consistent program compliance, and measurable cost reduction.

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Volantis provides an excellent base to clients with extensive hiring needs with low hiring cost. We are an offshore service provider for Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) to the global markets with work behind the scene methodology while you concentrate on your core competency areas of management and leadership.

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