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The benefits of Offshore Development Centre (ODC) model

The benefits of Offshore Development Centre (ODC) model

The model of Offshore Development Centre is mostly used to develop, test, and deploy software offshore. The foremost benefit of this model is having a dedicated team offshore where major functions take place. This helps to maintain an external outsourcing relationship with an internal team as it nothing but an extension of your own organization.

Now let us have a detailed analysis about the model. In this process, the team is managed by a Project Leader based at the offshore location by following the customers’ expectations. Offshore Development Centre is a cost-effective model wherein the customer is liable to pay a fixed monthly fee to a company. Usually, the agreement includes either one large project or a set of projects that can be operated from offshore. It is necessary to mention here that ODC has an annual review cycle wherein the analysis of the overall investment, budgeting, and rate assessment take place. It also conducts performance evaluations and assesses the quality of the program.

The major advantage that the customer gets with this ODC model is a free-flowing operation. It gains more visibility and being cost effective along with adding more value to their business. ODC works on a flexible structure when it comes to the team works, methodologies, and approaches.

Here are the main ODC characteristics:
• A devoted core team is assigned
• A specific location or facility where your corporate brand houses
• An exclusively designed infrastructure
• Appointed security policy is designed according to your requirements and regulations
• An exclusive education and training program
• A separate HR program
• Team flexibility to monitor as per the company’s requirements and budget

The other features that might vary from project to project but are very much expected from an ODC model are as follows:

Related to value
• The supplier can offer a better commercial model due to the improved visibility and commitment
• Suppliers’ total cost of operation is reduced in this model and the benefit is received by the customer
• The supplier gets more engaged and interested in understanding the outcomes and this leads to more value is derived that helps to reach the customer’s goals
• Significant improvements can be seen in the retention rates that lowers the traditional challenges


software development

Related to the workflow
• The core team principle of Offshore Development Centre is making the learning curves shorter and faster marketing over the period of time
• The time that is spent in developing BIDs and RFI/RFPs is shortened and sometimes completely nullified that allows more on value
• Staffs flexibility allows quick adjustments and keeps the workflow moving
Related to the quality
• The experience of team learning and integration improves the overall quality
• The supplier can prepare better work which includes improved resource and capacity planning with better understanding of the demand
• Knowledge transfer is both managed and executed better

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