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Transforming Businesses With High-End Web Design Solutions

Transforming Businesses With High-End Web Design Solutions

The competition amongst SMBs and start-ups to deliver premium services online has resulted in cutting-edge formats for content presentation. Web design is one area that focuses on portraying such content for end users through web browsers and mobile applications.

So, how does web design solutions help make a business visually compelling and attractive? The below 5 factors need to be prioritised at all costs. Following these parameters is essential as they help ensure user-friendliness, which is the principal objective of the design framework.

  • Versatility: A web-based service must ensure that it works across all operating systems and browsers
  • Interaction: Emphasis should be laid on engaging a visitor through comment and dialog boxes for newsletter and email signups
  • Technology: The advancement of technology gives designers freedom to innovate and implement unique designs with ease
  • Navigation: This section includes easily understandable menus and navigation tools for users in order to let them locate information with ease
  • Multimedia: Video and audio aids help present content in easily consumable formats. Moreover, they also serve to keep visitors on your site for longer

Web Designing Trends In Demand

A satisfying experience for the end-user must always be your agenda whilst planning a design framework for your web service. Here are 4 hot trends that are doing the rounds and transforming the look and functionality of online services:


A User Experience (UX) design ensures that the logical flow of the product from one step to the next has no obstructions. This is achieved by designers who perform user tests to identify and eliminate stumbling blocks.

User Interface (UI) design concentrates on the visual representation of the process laid out by the UX designer. This is done by designing user-friendly pages that encourage interaction and navigation.


Hamburger Menu

As the name implies, hamburger menus look like slabs of buns and meat stacked on top of one another. It completely eliminates the need for dropdowns and navigation buttons that would otherwise clutter the screen.

Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling adds depth by allowing background and foreground elements move at different speeds. This gives the content a three-dimensional feel as foreground elements move much quicker than the ones in the background.

Video Headers

A video header introduces flashy videos and animations in the background in order to attract the attention of visitors. These present information to the users, be it on a full-width page or a smaller screen.

Web design is integral to the success of any business. Volantis Technologies Pvt Ltd offers ultra-modern web application services that’ll help your enterprise gain an edge over the competition.