We provide a wide range of development services that include application design development, deployment services, and software development life cycle.


Today the need for ‘Requirement Optimised Information Technology’ has become the primary outsourcing model which every organisation looks for. Improved operational model, unmatched co-ordination, excellent customer care, and reduced cost are the yardsticks for outsourced projects of all top businesses. Technology enables every organisation to achieve smooth business processes and thus paves the path of exceptional growth. IT has made it possible for every enterprise, irrespective of their size to centralise the business operations.

Volantis strives to create innovative, cost-effective, and efficient solutions that drive our clients’ business. Our varied service range includes robust service offerings, competitive ROI, and committed client management. We integrate expert industry knowledge, process and technology frameworks, strong partnerships, and a global work force to provide strategic solutions that generate sustainable results.

Some of the consulting services we offer include:

  • Package Recommendation: If you want suggestions on software packages that can help you achieve your objective, we would be able to provide you with recommendations. We also help you in effective implementation of these packages.
  • Custom Development: If you have unique needs, we can provide you with the tailor-made solutions to suit them. Depending on your market goals and in-house requisites our team can design suites and applications which can integrate extremely well with your business process.
  • Feasibility Check and Strategy Development: We help you to identify how you can align IT with your organisation and business plans. We also conduct feasibility checks to ensure that the established strategies work efficiently for your set-up.
  • Mobile Applications Development: Our consulting services also provide Mobile Application Porting Development and help you to take advantage of cross-platform accessibility and serve your application for a large user base.
  • Human Capital Management: If you want extra help for implementation, we can deploy our very talented professionals at your site for both short term and long term set up. Our team has the best expertise in the market and hence you can rest assured that your technical requirements will be handled with care.


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